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Teen shot to death in East Boston

Boston Police report a man was fatally shot around 1:35 a.m. at 144 Falcon St..

He is Boston's first homicide victim of 2016.

MS-13 member whose beef with another student in an East Boston High School hallway may have led to the boy's brutal murder is sentenced to ten years in prison - 1/26/22
Nothing cruel and unusual about sending away a double murdering MS-13 member for life, even if he was just 20 at the time, court rules - 11/18/20
Edwin Gonzalez
MS-13 member gets life for taking part in the brutal murders of two teens in East Boston - 11/27/18
MS-13 member who helped slaughter teenager on East Boston street gets 35 years - 9/14/18
MS-13 member gets more than 27 years for shooting teen as other members were hacking him to death with knives, machetes - 9/12/18
Jose Vasquez
MS-13 leader who couldn't get machete out of sheath to help slaughter a rival gets nearly 18 years in prison - 8/30/18
MS-13 member who overslept and missed helping to carve up a rival gang member is sentenced to 8 years - 8/21/18
MS-13 member gets 35 years for brutal murder of teen in East Boston - 8/20/18
East Coast MS-13 leader gets 19 1/2 years for organizing conclave that led to teen's murder in East Boston - 7/18/18
Edwin Gonzalez
MS-13 member convicted for his part in the murders of two teens in East Boston - 6/21/18
Another MS-13 member pleads guilty to role in stabbing and shooting murder of teen in East Boston - 5/22/18
Little Crazy
MS-13 member admits he helped bury machete and knife used to kill teen in East Boston - 5/16/18
MS-13 member admits he helped kill Chelsea teen in East Boston - 5/9/18
MS-13 leader admits he ordered deaths of two teens in East Boston - 3/16/18
MS-13 leader who convened conclave that led to Chelsea teen's murder pleads guilty to racketeering - 11/28/17
Murdered teen was kidnapped first, had hand cut off, court records say - 4/6/16
Murdered teen's fate was sealed the month before at national gang conclave in Virginia, feds say - 2/1/16
Cristofer Perez
Teen IDed as East Boston murder victim; third teen murdered in neighborhood in four months - 1/12/16


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