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Two shot at Maverick T stop

Maverick Square. Photo by Justin Perricone.

UPDATE, 4:19 p.m. The Blue Line has resumed service through Maverick and Maverick Square has been re-opened to traffic.

Maverick Square is shut down as Transit and Boston Police investigate a double shooting inside the Blue Line station around 2:30 p.m.

One witness reports it happened on a train. WHDH reports two guys got into an argument on an inbound train, then one pulled out a gun and opened fire as the train was in the station.

Buses are running instead of the Blue Line between Bowdoin and Airport. Congress Street downtown was shut between State and Washington due to congestion caused by all the buses.



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Homicide statistics to triangulate, and make you feel better about things...

But what's the incidence of shootings and or other 'jackassery' in broad day light? At T stations and the likes thereof..? Is there 'mayhem' data or 'homeland terrorism' we can attribute this to?

Agreed, though perhaps it's less likely you'll be killed randomly in some neighborhood 'spat' you might be more likely than ever to take a stray bullet or be implicated in some aggravated physical bullshit.

Consequently--'schenanigans' are, in my opinion, at an all time high. Shooting age is at an all time low and all anyone can think of is a deliberative dialogue with Community "Members? " lol....


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Jamaica Plain has more shootings than East Boston, and JP has a high ratio of yuppies living there, same situation in East Boston. You have your good and you have your bad. Gun buyback program should be more attractive to gangbangers with guns, instead of Boston Police giving gangbangers Target gift cards in exchange for guns, it should instead be Job training followed up by a Job.

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Two shot at Maverick my prayers go out to their families, hundreds get frostbite at State street after they get kicked out of the station. Please spare us from the standard press release that informs us that crime is down and the Blue Line had minor delays.

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It must have been terrifying for the passengers on that train - thank goodness they are ok! So glad it was too cold to go outside today, was working from home. Grateful it was not worse: updates here http://www.necn.com/news/new-england/2-Shot-in-Boston-MBTA-Station-36580...

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