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Man shot in Archdale project in Roslindale

Around 11:15 p.m. at 95 Archdale Rd.



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No contextuals? No specifics? No Staco's link?

Just click bait..."GUNS/PROJECTS"...?

I'm not saying it's not "news" or newsworthy, I just wouldn't know because of this 'fragmented' approach to an 'article.'

(Pls see me after class)

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It's likely that is all that could be reported at the time, and even if this were picked up by TV news, that would be all they could report along with what ever blather and banter can be added to fill the segment.

Police have taken a closed-lip approach to crimes such as this, at least at the outset, until their investigation puts them in a good place. Were the public at risk, that much would have been stated.

Info is not released through public channels because that lets the bay guy (or bad girl) know the police may know who they are, making apprehension that much more difficult.

If you have paid attention, you will find that the last couple of shootings in that neighborhood had the same treatment, allowing the police to properly investigate what happened.

Sadly, that neighborhood has had an unfair portion of this kind of crime, and before someone says it's because of the public housing, think again. Not all crime has evolved in that housing. Some has been nearby then spilling into the streets there, or in some instances, trouble from elsewhere in the city came to that neighborhood looking for a problem.

So you are correct. There was only a headline, and dislike or misunderstand, that was all there was.

You might want to invest $100 or so in a public service scanner radio to listen to the police, fire, or EMS. You'd be surprised just how much never makes it to the newspapers - or UHUB.

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Are you new here? You want the guy who runs a news aggregator site to get dressed and drive to the crime scene and start asking questions? Did the Globe, the Herald, or any of the four television stations that have reporters on staff even report as much as Adam did?

Or, as suggested above, you can buy a police scanner, start heading to crime scenes to ask total strangers what happened, and report here (or on your own website) the context and specifics.

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But all he did in this case was link to my tweet.

When I become rich, I will hire a whole fleet of reporters to go to crime scenes and get more details. In the meantime, I'm just trying to answer the basic question: "Why the hell are there six cruisers on my street?" Sometimes I get more details and sometimes all I can pick up on the scanner is "a guy was shot."

How would you have identified the location?

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Archdale long history of criminal activity. But I don't think the brick projects are going anywhere despite all the new units being proposed to the BRA in the surrounding neighborhoods. Same with JP/Rox Bromley Heath brick projects.

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