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Roslindale market robbed at gunpoint

Budget Market, 229 Florence St., was robbed shortly after 6 p.m. by a man with a silver handgun. He's described as black, 25 to 30, 5'8" with some stubble on his face, in a dark gray hoodie and bluejeans. In addition to cash, he took a pack of Newports.

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BOLO: an average height and dressed black man smoking newports, we're considering him armed

got it

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Just for sports and dreams of winning it big I play the lottery. Like sooooo many, I spend time up to hours in the neighborhood stores playing the lottery and watching the boards. Being in the store at the time of the robbery made be realize how dangerous it is to hang in stores.

Yes I was there and I thank God that I was not shot or even dead. He could have shot both of us, but he didn't! He scared the hell out of me, but I thank him for having some kind of conscious to sparing us (ME). And I thank God for being my shield and comforter when I needed him most. Not at all a joke! I've seen it on the news, but never thought it could happen to me. I was terrified! I felt my heart racing uncontrollable and legs buckling in fear.

I tell everyone that is doing just what I DID (hanging in stores for long periods of time) to STOP; play your numbers and keep it moving! (check your numbers via phone/ internet)

I am still shaken, my heart is heavy and I pray that I never relive such experience.

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He didn't grab any black&milds of dutchies?

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