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Blocked in, gun suspect rams unmarked police cruiser in Roxbury, police say

Boston Police report arresting Kassan Germain, 25, of Dorchester, on a variety of gun, assault, drug and and motor-vehicle charges after he allegedly rammed an unmarked police vehicle in his way.

The two officers in the vehicle were treated and released at a local hospital, police say.

According to police, officers responding to a report of a guy threatening somebody with a gun at Bowdoin Street and Geneva Avenue in Dorchester around 7:40 p.m. spotted the suspect around 25 minutes later, driving erratically in the area of Harold and Abbotsford streets in Roxbury.

The suspect vehicle sped up and continued for several blocks, making numerous sudden turns while failing to stop for all signs and signals before turning the wrong way onto Harold Street and crashing head on into an unmarked police car. Officers observed that the suspect vehicle had aggressively accelerated prior to the crash and directed his vehicle directly into the police car.

He then ran away:

The male suspect was located hiding next to 72 Waumbeck Street where a violent struggle ensued as several officers fought to place the suspect in custody before finally prevailing. Officers spoke to the female suspect, who initially told the officers that the male suspect had thrown a gun out of the vehicle during the brief pursuit but a pat frisk revealed a loaded 9mm Hi-point Model C handgun in the front of her pants.

A search of the car revealed heroin, cocaine and 10 alprazolam pills, packaged as if for sale, police say.

The woman, Nashaunti Borden, 18, of Dorchester, faces gun and drug charges, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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Mr. Germain appears to have been watching a lot of action movies. Sounds like a great job by BPD in a dangerous situation.

Assuming there aren't other Kassan Germain's of the same age around, here he was in November 2015: carrying a firearm without a license, receiving stolen motor vehicle, and resisting arrest.


And also that same month in Lowell: Nov 2015, Warrants


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How is this guy not in jail??

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Great job judges keeping one man crime waves off the streets for all of five minutes.

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He got arrested again?!

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