Drunken Bruins fan ruins birthday party

A birthday celebration in a function room at a Park Plaza pub ended in a brawl when an unwanted drunk guy who kept returning grabbed a female guest he had somehow convinced to dance with him, police detectives told the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

Det. Daniel MacDonald testified the guy came into MJ O'Connor's Irish Bar after a Bruins game as Nov. 19 turned into Nov. 20 with some pals, but apparently found a birthday party in a rear function room more to his liking because he kept going in there even though people there kept telling him to leave.

He managed to get part of a dance in before he grabbed his female partner, "causing her to scream," he said. An invited male guest more forcefully asked the guy to leave, so the guy grabbed a bottle and smashed the guest in the head, he said.

Bar bouncers - accompanied by McDonald and his partner, Sgt. Det. Robert Mulvey, there to conduct a routine inspection - rushed in to find the room in full affray mode. While drunk, the uninvited man proved to be quite the combatant, he said before he was finally brought under control, he managed to knock two women to the ground.

McDonald said party guests told the detectives they just wanted the guy out, not arrested, so the detectives issued him a summons for a hearing at Boston Municipal Court on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault and battery. None of the victims showed up at his hearing, so he will have the charges dismissed after six months, MacDonald said.

The licensing board decides Thursday if the pub could have done anything to prevent the melee and if so, if any punishment is warranted. A pub manager said he wishes somebody from the birthday party had contacted him or other employees - they would have immediately kicked the guy out of the place.

Mulvey said O'Connor's is not usually the kind of place where something like this happens.



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I dislike victim blaming

But for Chrissakes, he's going to do it again. How do you not a) have him arrested in the first place, and b) not show up in court as a witness?

I went to court in August as a witness after a drunk guy hit a female Wendy's employee. The assistant DA told me that he would have walked entirely if I hadn't shown up.

Charges dismissed after six months? Great. More women for him to grab. I hope the next guy he pisses off isn't so kind.

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Here is the problem

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I have been called as witness in a similar situation. A fight in a bar where one person was injured and his property damaged. I was supoenaed as witness.

I spent 3 days in court. 3 boring days in a small room looking at the same 4 faces waiting to get called. 3 days unpaid from work. All for 2 minutes of testimony.

When all was said and done, the guy was found guilty. He was broke, had no job. He got some community service and was told to pay for the damage. Since he was broke with no job, yeah good luck collecting.

The guy who pressed charges was pissed that it ended the way it did. Both he and his partner spent a week off work unpaid to be at court. He got nothing out it.

He will never see his money recouped. He openly admits it was the biggest waste of time ever and he should have just beat the crap out of the guy at the time instead.

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Did you volunteer your information?

I volunteered mine. I could have just walked away after the Transit Police secured the criminal on the ground, but something in me told me that I had to make sure he got a punishment.

Maybe the time/money scenario you describe is why nobody else at my scene volunteered their address and services as a witness. Maybe that's also why the Wendy's employee didn't show up. She probably really needed the working income instead of showing up in court. She's also likely an immigrant and was probably scared.

We need working courts. Maybe more trials at night or something.

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If you dislike victim blaming

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If you dislike victim blaming, then don't do it. Women were not put on this earth to babysit grown men. If you can't handle your liquor, then don't drink or drink alone.

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Arrestable in police officer's presence

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Sounds like there's more to this story since there was no arrest. Affray MGLC 275, S 14 is arrestable in the presence of a police officer, as is any other misdemeanor that amounts to a breach of the peace in officer's presence, assault, assault and battery, disorderly, disturbing the peace, etc. If this guy indecently assaulted the woman, it would be a felony, arrestable on mere probable cause. That no victim or witness showed for court stinks of a payoff.

Add in the Sergeant's, "O'Connor's is not usually the kind of place where something like this happens" seems unusual too. I like O'Connor's and the Sergeant is correct but I rarely hear his unit praising the premises being charged.

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How do we know it was a Bruins fan, was he wearing a Jay Miller or Knuckles Nilan jersey?

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Too easy

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(I don't even need to comment on a boston sports fan acting like a j-azz).

go habs.

- the original SoBo Yuppie

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