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Two shot in Dorchester; one dies

Brianna Hardy

UPDATE: Boston Police identify the victim as Brianna Hardy, 22, of Jamaica Plain.

Two people were shot around 5:45 p.m. at 24 Juliette St. in Dorchester. One victim, a woman in her 20s, was shot in the head and died at a local hospital, Boston Police report.

Around the same time, shots were fired on Stoughton Street near Columbia Road, but nobody was hit.

The victim is Boston's fourth murder victim this year and the third in Dorchester.


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OUR community needs more community violence workers. (EVERY CRAYON IN THE BOX) People that know the ropes know these families, know the history to these streets. Know about the importance in being proactive and taking the initiative. Face it people are cruel, we are almost never prepared, leaving a feeling of powerlessness. It my have only happened once, it might happen everyday, you might not even know its happening. Experiencing trauma is not normal and those feelings of irritability, guilt, confusion and self blame are normal reactions. Speak to someone or be that person someone can speak to.

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