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Police: Driver speeds away from traffic stop in Dorchester during storm, crashes; passenger had a gun

Boston Police report arresting three men, one packing a loaded gun, after a crash on Neponset Avenue near Adams Street around 4:35 p.m. on Saturday.

Police say officers on patrol in the area of Neponset Circle noticed a car without an inspection sticker and ordered it to pull over, but the driver responded by speeding away down Neponset Avenue.

Due to the inclement weather conditions, the officer discontinued his pursuit immediately. However, moments later, as the officer traveled farther down Neponset, the officer observed a cloud of dust and debris. As the officer approached, he observed that the suspect vehicle had crashed into another car, and the operator, as well as his two passengers, were fleeing the scene on foot through private backyards and property. The officer broadcast the suspect descriptions over the radio and began to pursue the suspects on foot.

The driver ran away; the officer proved to have better speed and caught up with him and arrested him, police say. Maurice Anthony Nunez, 21, of Roxbury, was charged with several motor-vehicle violations, including driving with a suspended license and leaving the scene of a personal-injury accident, as well as with trespassing and being a disorderly person.

A state trooper arrested one of the passengers, Daniel Mejia, 18, of Chelsea, a few blocks away. He had a loaded Glock 26 firearm in his waistband - and was also carrying 12 plastic bags filled with a substance believed to be crack. He was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of crack with intent to distribute, trespassing and being a disorderly person, police say.

Police add the third person in the car, Elmer Funes, 19, of Roxbury, was also arrested and charged with trespassing and being a disorderly person.

Innocent, etc.



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First and foremost. to any innocent person that got injured in this situation, I hope that you're recovering quickly.

To the officers and hopefully not Troopers that made this pinch thank you for your decisive clear-thinking to terminate the pursuit. In later apprehend all criminals that were involved.

Ideally I would have loved to know which law enforcement department made these apprehensions. At this moment the state troopers are null and void. I am so so disappointingly disgusted with this particular Department; pains my ❤.
Maybe we should dissolve it and and create a new Department.

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