Police say they busted up drug sale at West Roxbury gas station

Boston Police report arresting three men caught in the middle of a drug transaction at the Speedway gas station, 1779 Centre St., around 4:15 p.m. on Saturday.

Police say officers from the E-5 drug unit seized more than 100 grams of cocaine and 30 grams of heroin, a jar and several plastic bags of marijuana and an unspecified amount of honey butane oil, a substance derived from hash. Also confiscated: More than $2,500 in cash.

Wilki Osiris Sanz, 21, of Dorchester, and Eddiber Mejia, 31, of Roxbury, were charged with trafficking heroin, trafficking cocaine, possession of a Class C substance (the honey butane oil) with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, police say.

Alvis Objio, 30, of Roslindale, was charged with trafficking heroin and trafficking cocaine.

In January, detectives investigating drug sales in Mattapan and Dorchester arrested a man on drug and gun charges in the Star Market parking lot on Spring Street, three weeks after gang officers arrested a man on gun charges across from the Centre Street Walgreens.

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Isn't marijuana supposed to be legal already?

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Isn't stalling on the weed packies for which voters voted... just perpetuating the market for gangs and harder drugs?

Get all the druggies on marijuana, and the gangs will have to start an investment bank, privacy-invading dotcom, political campaign, or other remaining lucrative scam.

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Yes, yes, and yes

Check it out, though: RI is looking to get into the game.

Rhode Island SB 420

Five legislators decided to ram through a sham bill outside of session crying "wahhhhhh emergency" and that is holding things up. It involves a baseline health study, but not the sort of thing that would actually advance understanding of anything - it is just meant to waste everyone's time. DPH has pushed back on it because it just assumed that everyone would just drop everything and magically produce money to pay for it.

With RI and VT possibly getting into the vending game, with hopes of supplying the MA market, things will move forward a little more quickly. NH won't say no to selling weed to MA residents, either. Just a matter of time.

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Even if pot could be sold legally in MA as the voters allowed it would still be illegal to sell it out of the trunk of a car just as you can't sell booze out of your trunk without state/town approval.

Regardless, it's likely the harder stuff that attracted the police and will keep them in jail. It seem unlikely these guys would have given up the coke sales even if it was easy to sell the pot legally.

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Which planet you hail from but "druggies" (hardcore drug addicts I presume?) will never get the same high they crave from bud. There will always be a market for cocaine and heroin (or fentanyl or whatever the flavor of the month happens to be) Gangs will adapt, business as usual.

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Gas station on Centre in JP

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Several years ago I sat on a trial where the owner was charged with I think conspiracy to distribute crack. That was where I learned what differs crack from cocaine. I think this is the gas station that has sat empty for several years on Centre Street. A gas station that the then current owner inherited from his father if I remember correctly. For how many years has that gas station now sat empty? Proof that Illegal drugs and sales inevitably damage communities.

It's an insane idea but I wonder whether turning addictive drugs into a tightly regulated industry would end the damage to communities? There will always be individuals who "experiment" with or just need to get high. The reasons deserve attention and care. Legal or not the same individuals will find the drugs they need. If alcohol doesn't satisfy the need then they will use other substances.

So instead of acting like Sisyphus and never reaching the top of the mountain - ending the use of addictive mind altering drugs - why not step off the mountain and work toward effective solutions that don't create what amounts to a underclass of convicted felons, a class of gangbangers who have zero regard for life or death and drug subculture that acts as a parasite that undermines and costs everyone.

Imagine how much tax dollars would not be needed if the massive number of drugs crimes stopped being crimes? Imagine the decrease in harm, burglaries, destruction of property, deaths of innocent people (children included) and the perpetuation of a class of people regularly subjected to emotional violence due to the criminal aspect of mind altering drugs.

Unfortunately legalizing and regulating the drugs would not completely stop the violence that drug abuse causes. The violence that exists in families with one or two alcoholic parents is as much a part of American society as mom and apple pie; illegal drugs are no less damaging. But removing the criminality might at least end the compounding legal and economic harm that is part of the illegal drug black market and industry.

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Honey butane oil?
It's called dabs, budder, and shatter. Duh! I don't even smoke :(

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