Massage therapist charged with raping customer in Logan Airport studio

A Boston man who practices massage therapy at a studio inside Terminal B at Logan Airport had bail set at $5,000 today on a charge of raping a woman who sought a massage before a flight home on May 22, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Darnell Williams, 29, who has held a state massage-therapist license since 2012, surrendered himself. He was given home confinement, ordered to wear a GPS device and surrender his license and not work as a massage therapist while the case is pending, according to the DA's office, which adds:

The victim, who was in the terminal awaiting a return flight to her home state, received a massage from Williams, during which Williams is alleged to have sexually assaulted the woman. She disclosed the assault to a family member upon her return home and contacted Massachusetts State Police.

Troopers identified Williams as the employee who was working at the time of the assault and matched the physical description provided by the victim. During an interview, Williams allegedly made statements incriminating himself in the assault, prosecutors said.

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Innocent until proven guilty

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Even though this allegation appears to be a very terrible crime. let's and let's keep it real if it turns out that the victim was a white woman that is going to only add to a rush to judge.

Let's remember Justice is supposed to be blind and everybody is innocent before proven guilty.W

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