Man knocked to ground, robbed after dinner at restaurant on East Boston waterfront

A man who had just left ReelHouse on New Street Friday night was attacked and robbed, Boston Police say.

According to police, the victim and a woman were walking from the New Street restaurant towards Maverick Square around 10:35 p.m. when four men came up behind them and used their hands and feet to knock the man to the ground at New and Sumner streets.. They then rifled though his pockets, took his wallet and take his wallet ran into the Maverick Landing complex, police say.

The four, described as Hispanic men dressed in dark clothing, did not attack the woman, police say.

The couple then walked to the A-7 police station on Paris Street, where an ambulance was called to take the man to a local hospital for observation, police say.



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Enjoy that lush waterfront

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Enjoy that lush waterfront view with your dinner, just like how they show on Chronicle. Because after you pay the bill and step outside, ya just never know what will happen.

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On the same day Slip65

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sales office opened? The realtors n Eastie should learn from the Southie realtor's playbook.

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Luxury apartments right next

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Luxury apartments right next door to the projects....its terrible but was bound to happen

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