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Police investigate sexual assault on employee at South Bay Home Depot

Scene outside Home Depot in South Bay Mall

Home Depot crime scene. Photo by Jamaica Plain News.

Police are at the Home Depot in the South Bay Mall, investigating a sexual assault on a worker around 8:10 p.m., allegedly by a young teenager, who was himself taken to the hospital for cuts suffered when bystanders tackled him.

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to hear bystanders stepped in!

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Surprised this isn't getting more airtime. I happened to be shopping. This was an absolutely hainous crime committed on a YOUNG girl at knifepoint in the bathroom. Employees rushed in to free her from the bathroom. She was beaten stabbed and without clothes in the middle store. The store employees put their clothes on her while a nurse customer tended to her wounds. A dozen ppl chased a teenager through the store. He pulled out a knife and ran outside. A young man with a orange smock tacked him in the parking lot thank god.

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this is crazy i know this boy i used to go to school with him i didnt understand why he would do such a thing its just not right thank god they found her

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