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Gun battle leaves car with fresh bullet hole in parking lot near BMC

Around 7:10 p.m. in a parking lot off Northampton Street near Harrison Avenue. The shooters seem to have missed each other.

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was the car okay??

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It was just innocent youngsters playing and a gun went off all by itself. Happens all the time. That's why mandatory minimum sentencing is bad for gun violence offenders. They couldn't help it--the gun turned bad on them.

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Were they fighting over a parking spot?

So far our neighborhood has been gun-free. On top of the methadone mile situation, this incident may be the tipping point when we revert to the 80's when Worcester Square was known as Worcester Scare.

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I'm pretty positive there's shootings that occur within 2 blocks of this location quite often. I think you're living on a cloud if you don't realize that three gangs off of shawmut ave all coexist in that area

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I live near Symphony and I had to go to Home Depot today so I drove down methadone mile. It was like driving through hell, so many people who just looked so down and out, one guy being handcuffed, people nodding off on the sidwalk, people just suffering.

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