Two charged for fatal fire in abandoned house in Roxbury that people were squatting in


Two men who allegedly set a George Street house on fire on Nov. 5 - one day after they started setting items in the house ablaze - have been indicted on second-degree murder and arson charges, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Marcus Dozier, 46, was arraigned today and was ordered held without bail pending the outcome of his trial. Kenneth Ford, 43, is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow, the DA's office reports. A Suffolk County grand jury indicted them on June 28 for the death of Michelle Trentor, 28.

According to prosecutors, the two were among a group of homeless people who used 94 George St. as a place to stay and to do drugs.

Ford and Dozier allegedly set fire to items on the buildings first-floor on Nov. 4, though the fire did not spread. They also allegedly made statements to witnesses at different times that there was “something in that house” that they “need to get rid of” and that people should leave the property early the next morning and “not ask questions,” prosecutors said.

On the morning of Nov. 5, Boston Water and Sewer contractors working in the immediate area of 94 George St. observed a man who was on fire stagger from the house. The workers called 911, and members of the Boston Fire Department arrived within minutes to find heavy fire showing from all of the building’s three floors.

The burned man, a 37-year-old homeless person, was transported by Boston EMS personnel to Boston Medical Center with life-threatening injuries and later transferred to the burn unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. He survived his injuries.

Trentor’s body was discovered by members of the Boston Fire Department as they searched through the rubble of the collapsed building. Her death was determined to be the result of smoke inhalation and thermal injuries.

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Family's statement

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Via the DA's office, Michelle Trentor's family issued a statement today:

Michelle’s family would like to thank the people that have come forward. We hope that with the light that Michelle shined within your hearts, you take care of yourselves. She would have wanted you all to live your lives to the fullest, on your terms. From our family, we wish for you what we wished for Michelle, that you get the help you need. We have no doubt that Michelle would have eventually gotten there too. Above all there is always hope.

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What a heartfelt, beautifully expressed sentiment. Thank you for making sure we saw this.

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She was that kid on the street

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Knew her when she was a girl and I was a young adult. So sad that this was how it ended for her.

The defense lawyer is just infuriating. Nobody should die like this, yet they claim it wasn't murder because she was told about plans to torch the house. Bullcrap.

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