Man shot to death on Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury

UPDATE: Victim identified as Dennis Parham, 32, father of four.

A person was fatally shot in the head at Shawmut Avenue and Kendall Street around 10:50 p.m. Read more.

Boston Police report the man, in his 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A resident a couple blocks away reports hearing:

One loud bang, then about 6-7 then 3 more.




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Didn't Beacon

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Purchase Lenox off the BHA?

When the place goes fully private (if it ever does.) it should mellow out but it must be said;
the flagpole at Shawmut is one of the Cities unique mega-conduits for social "turbulence"/ brutalism.

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I often see these comments as

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I often see these comments as if they were just patrons in the bleachers yelling at those on the field. Come out and play (volunteer). Beacon will not be able to change the mindset. It is not about housng managment at all. Being in the same community... they have had no impact. There is actually a ball tournament at that park tonight put on by a member of New Edition ( not beacon). Smh

And GOD BLESS the person who lossed their LIFE!!!

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