Doorman loses job over stabbing outside Allston restaurant and bar

Police continue to investigate a June 9 incident outside Patron, 138 Brighton Ave., in which one patron stabbed another.

At a Boston Licensing Board hearing today, Patron owner Mark Berkowitz said the knifeman may have gotten into the place with his blade because a doorman didn't properly scan him since they seemed acquainted. The doorman was let go on the spot because that violated the restaurant's policy to screen everybody.

According to police, the victim had gotten into an argument with other people around 11 p.m., although Berkowitz said the argument was not with the two men sought in connection with the stabbing. The victim was standing outside when a guy who had also been inside went up to him and started screaming, then another guy went up to him and one of them stabbed him, police said. The victim was transported to St. Elizabeth's Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The board decides Thursday whether Patron could have done anything to prevent the stabbing and, if so, what sort of punishment to levy.



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