Faneuil Hall bar considering stowing glassware late at night after man hurls glass at patron's head

A night out ended in the emergency room for a patron at Mija last month after another man with whom he'd argued with hit him square in the forehead with a glass from six to ten feet away, a bar owner and police said today.

Police say workers at Mija noticed the two verbally jousting around 1:45 a.m on June 11 and quickly broke things up. They were escorting one of them out and were almost at the door when the guy turned and launched the glass nobody had noticed he was still holding at his opponent, hitting him above the left eye, police and Charlie Larner, managing partner of the company that owns Mija, told the Boston Licensing Board at a hearing today. The guy then fled, Larner said.

Larner said that because of the incident, he and his managers are looking at replacing the glassware they use for drinks after dinner service has ended for the night at Mija.

"What happened is unfortunate, but it could've been a lot worse," he said.

In 2012, a visiting New Yorker died from a glass shard that splintered off a glass mug thrown by one patron at a Fenway bar at another.

Police continue to search for the glass hurler, whom nobody that night recognized, Larner said. The licensing board decides Thursday whether the bar could have done anything to prevent the attack.



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Maybe they should just be given sippy cups.

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Then choose text format: "Filtered HTML" not Default or plain text.

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Unfortunately, we're looking at the government

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version of the 'big pockets' theory. Adult man throws glass at another man. So, instead of taking the logical action of finding and prosecuting the perp, the BAR is hauled before a kangaroo court and will possibly be ordered not to use glassware after a certain hour.

In a word - pathetic

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Care to reread the post?

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Nobody on the licensing board suggested Mija stop using glass. As I wrote, it was one of the owners who said he and his staff are looking at it.

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Fair enough

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But my basic point still stands. Why is the bar being hauled before the Licensing Board in the first place, let alone being put in the position of suggesting an idiotic "solution" such as "we'll lock our glassware away after a given hour"?

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