Suspect bites man who resists robbery at Mass. Ave. T stop, police say

Transit Police report arresting a New Bedford man they say put another man in a headlock and then chomped him in a briefly successful attempt to steal money the victim had just taken out of an ATM.

According to police, the victim withdrew money from an ATM inside the Mass. Ave. Orange Line station around 10:50 p.m. on Saturday and promptly found himself under attack by Kevin Ortiz, 23, of New Bedford:

Ortiz placed the victim into a headlock and forcefully grabbed the money from the victim's hand. The victim attempted to resist and obtain his money back. At this point Ortiz bit the victim's hand breaking his skin. Ortiz then fled out of the station with his ill gotten gains.

Police say an officer spotted Ortiz on St. Botolph Street but that Ortiz bolted on seeing the cop:

The determined TPD officer gave chase and pursued Ortiz as he ran down West Newton Street onto Huntington Ave and across several lanes of traffic nearly causing accidents. The Officer was finally able to grabbed hold of Ortiz in front of the Cheesecake Factory on Belvidere Street. Ortiz was still clutching the money he stole from the victim in his hand.

During booking, officers discovered Ortiz was already wanted on warrant out of West Roxbury court on a variety of drug, assault and battery and domestic assault charges.

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Hombre muerde hombre

La Policía de Tránsito informó que arrestaron a un hombre de New Bedford que, según dicen, colocó a otro hombre en un casco y lo atraparon en un intento de robar el dinero que la víctima acababa de sacar de un cajero automático.

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Soooo, you click on the link and there's a Transit Pilice patch and badge in the top left corner. What is that Boston Police badge with Transit Police written on it?!!

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