Pizza delivery driver attacked, robbed in Roslindale

A Domino's driver was beaten and robbed of his pizza, money and car on Florence Street near the Flaherty Pool shortly before 9:30 p.m. Police recovered his car on Florence at Cummins Highway. Suspects were described as three black males in their late teens or early 20s, one in a black hoodie, another in a gray hoodie.



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By the time your twenty

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And you have chosen crime as your career robbing and beating Domino's driver's instead of banks and armored cars on your resume will not inspire gang leaders or crime bosses to hire you loser.

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We have a sickness in this society...

When we have a society that attacks the lowest rungs of the capitalist order, we need to step back and truly examine in the big picture what is going on in our country.

Surely we can provide universal health care and a good education for all ? If not, then we don't have the money to support 11 aircraft carriers or unending wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.

To defend what exactly?

Muy malo.

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May I add

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We have created a society that truly relies on everybody but themselves.
They take without thought.
Until this not so secret society takes responsibility nothing changes.
Healthcare has nothing to do with it.
Do you really believe that these dredged of the earth are are on hold waiting for the health connector to answer. Or sending out resumes for jobs.

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Um, what?

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Oh, never mind. It's a nice day today, try to enjoy some of it.

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Do you really think these kinds of crime don't occur in Canada, Sweden, or France? Sadly, a crime like this is more about the criminals being stupid sociopaths.

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There's considerably less crime in those countries,

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from what I understand. Canada, Sweden and France are much closer to being civilized than the United States is.

The fact that the United States, as a country, is so huge in size, and impersonal, to boot, is a big part of why so many people act viciously towards each other. That's why the United States isn't, and never has been, a very safe place to hitchhike, either.

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Yeah, but

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The crimes do happen.

The key difference is that a gun is less likely to be used in such crimes, lessening the chance of fatalities. Still, a knife can be just as scary. You'd also might to find out about some of the vicious crimes committed in the countries named. France in particular is home to some way out there crimes.

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