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Two stabbed, one dead in Dorchester

UPDATE: Victim identified as Tony Massey, 40.

NBC Boston reports an apparent fight between neighbors outside 50 Bradshaw Street around 8 a.m. ended with one dead.

Boston Police report the victim was in his 40s. A second man, also in his 40s, got himself to a local hospital with stab wounds, police say.

Photo of the scene.



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Any word on the East Cottage St. incident? Drove by the scene about twenty minutes after it happened.

R.I.P to the victim on Bradshaw.

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The owner of the property lives out in Barnstable under the name of a limited liability company. Guess they could care less about what's going on at their property.

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That's right - the landlord made the tenant kill a man. Or was it climate change?

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Any intelligent commercial property owner puts their property under a corporation/LLC or similar, you know to ...limit their personal liability against tenants or anyone else who tries to sue.

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