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Barrage of gunfire on Annunciation Road

At least eight rounds fired shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Annunciation Road near Parker Street. At least two cars hit.

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Heat st and AT (50 block) going at it?

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Just follow the timeline-

October 10- Enrique Auch and Tsunami Ortiz convicted for December 18, 2015 murder of D'Andre King-Settles on Annunciation Road.

October 31- Gerrod Brown murdered on Parker Street in Bromley Heath ("wait, but they renamed it Mildred Hailey so I thought it would be better!" - inevitably someone).

November 13- Barrage of gunfire on Annunciation Road.

[Insert Mid-Late November Date]- Gunfire on [circle one: 49 Horan Way / 44 Parker Street].

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This is a tiny short street next to police headquarters and yet still manages to have multiple shootings and an average of two murders a year.

BHA, BPD, and the Suffolk County DA have failed the law abiding residents of that block miserably.

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