Two teens shot, one fatally, in South Boston

UPDATE: Victim identified as Angel Suazo, 16, of South Boston.

Boston Police report two teens, one 15 and one 16, were shot shortly after 11 p.m. on Monday at 264 O'Callaghan Way in the Mary Ellen McCormack project. The 16-year-old was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The younger teen was taken to another local hospital, where he is expected to survive.



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Gun violence

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Still having a banner year it seems, Marty Walsh must be proud. He's #1!

(Yes, sarcasm. But what's Marty's plan other than to ignore it as he's been doing?)

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Sound about right?

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1.Marty will continue to blame 'gun violence' as if guns go about by themselves like sharks instead of talking about gang and youth violence.
2.Evans will wave his finger at all 5k permit holders in Boston which statically get into trouble about the same rate as BPD officers.
3.UHub will continue to post stories about scumbags on their 4-5th illegal possession charge walking around without a care in the world committing more crime.
4.Neighbors, teachers, parents, and community activist groups will keep trying to do the job the city, police, and justice system fails to do.

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Its not Marty's fault that

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Its not Marty's fault that its so easy for dangerous people to get guns. That would be the fault of republicans in Washington who take bribes from gun manufacturers.

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Sure let's try that. After

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Sure let's try that. After all look how banning drugs totally put all the heroin, meth, cocaine, etc manufacturers out of business just like that.

Banning guns won't stop criminals from being criminals. Statistically the UK has more violent crime than the US now without Uber gun control and that's with fudged statistics which ignore any reported crimes which don't result in a conviction. The US is ridiculously heavily armed compared to most of Europe. Yet when one removes a few urban gang war zones the US is on par with most of Europe when it comes to crime rates. The US has a M-A-J-O-R urban gang problem & violent drug using subculture criminologists and sociologists have not been able to solve with government policy beyond mass incarceration and getting rid of leaded gasoline. One can only hope the legalization of pot might make a dent in the criminal and drug using subcultures into a nonviolent trade.

There needs to be a focus on why people are criminals to begin with and either take preventative measures to deter that lifestyle or active measures to remove criminals from society.

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BHA is a joke. They could be

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BHA is a joke. They could be doing a lot more to stop the crime that’s going on within their turf and do almost nothing. Residents complain and call BHA police and nothing is done. Managers don’t return calls.

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BHA does not care once the

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BHA does not care once the managers go home at 5pm. Half the time when residents complain to them, they stupidly call the the offenders to the office and imply that it was the neighbors who "snitched". The residents best bet is to call the Boston police directly and anonymously, either 911 when something is happening or call the station and give them an address of a problem apartment. Don't involve the BHA in anything complaint related. They are useless and will tell the drug dealers who complained about them not intentionally but because they are dumb and can't manage correctly. After all these years of managing so many locations, think there would be a better policy about addressing problem tenants than a "private conference".

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Exactly right. I know a

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Exactly right. I know a tenant who called BHA police about a gang of teenagers constantly smoking weed in the hallway area and they told her that marijuana was legal now.

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