Man shot in the stomach in South Boston

Shortly after 10:45 p.m. in the area of E. 9 and Mercer streets in the Old Colony project.



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Southie we have a Problem

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If nobody has told the residents of South Boston. I think you guys have a serious very violent gang problem.

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Marty legalized space savers

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Marty legalized space savers in Southie what more do you him to do? GE will fix everything. Trust us!

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Gee, we didn't know, thanks for the heads up.
( It was a SIGSW, by the by)

The Mullins gang in the 50s
The Bulger gang in the 60s to 80s
The Asian Triads in the 90s
MS-13 & 18th street - present

I've lived here all my life, the names and ethnicity may has changed but it still boils down to a wanton lust for money, power and killing.

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MS-13/18th Street ?

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They have a presence in Southie?? I didn't think there were actually any legitimate gangs in Southie - just small time drug crews in the D St. & Old Harbor Projects and small organized bookmaking/gambling operations run by old-school Winter Hill branch offs..

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Thanks, the memory fades the more I bang my head against the wall.

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