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Three shot on Mission Hill; two dead

Ameen Lacy and Jose Montero

UPDATE: Jose Montero, 19, (shown right) died later that night. Ameen Lacy, 17, (left) died on Dec. 8. GoFundMe pages set up for the families of Montero and Lacy.

Scan Boston reports that shortly before 8 p.m., two people were found shot on Parker Street near Tremont and that a third victim was found shot in the back on Sewall Street, on the other side of Tremont.


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appears to be Fuentes Market and Liquor. Was this an armed robbery of the store?

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I'm hearing it happened after a basketball game at the community center.

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The Globe reports (see the link above) the shooting happened in the street during the game; and that everybody poured into the street after the shots.

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Just walked out of Reggie Lewis Center, heard several shots. Talked to a few kids who were at the game. Definitely witnesses just a matter if they'll step up. Unfortunately most times they're afraid of gang retribution.

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Or are you referring to last night.

Either way - tragic. I hope someone will come forward but I understand the retribution fear may prevent that from happening.

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second victim has died

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