For the second night in a row, somebody is stabbed on Exeter Street in the Back Bay

Taping off the crime scene on Exeter Street

Taping off the crime scene. Photo by KMV.

A woman was stabbed in the chest shortly before midnight on Exeter Street, outside Luke's Lobster KMV and Rick Macomber report. John Duffill reports the suspects fled in a black Jeep with New York plates.

WBZ reports police think this was case of road rage. The victim was in a car at the time.

The stabbing comes less than 24 hours after a man was stabbed on Exeter at Boylston.



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Perhaps. But I think you are

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Perhaps. But I think you are giving insane Boston drivers too much credit by assuming their was a reason they tried to kill someone.

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try reading next time

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We all know you hate anyone with a driver's license, but the car is reported to have NY plates.

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Mental Stability

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One should have to pass a mental stability challenge test to get a license.

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I'd feel stabby if I was out

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I'd feel stabby if I was out of chocolate. However, I was at home and asleep at the time of both stabbings.

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