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Person shot on Washington Street in Roslindale

UPDATE: WCVB reports the victim was shot at Washington-Beech, and that he was then dumped out of a car near the parkway.

Shortly before 6:40 p.m. on Washington Street near the CVS parking lot by West Roxbury Parkway. The person's injuries were serious enough to have the homicide unit called in just in case.



Usaama Rahim was killed at this spot by a Boston police officer and an FBI agent in 2015, after he lunged at them with a knife. He had been under surveillance as a suspected terrorist who was plotting to behead a police officer.

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According to late TV news last night the situation was a shooting within the Washington Beech Housing complex.

Then the person who was shot was driven to the intersection of Washington & West Roxbury Parkway where there was an attempt to push the victim out of the car.

So while that was one area of the crime scene, it was actually an incident that started elsewhere.

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first reported as 4560 Washington Street near Beech
Then Washington Street at West Roxbury Parkway (location of victim's wallet)
finally 11 Mercedes View in the projects

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Is that right by the corner of Versace Avenue?

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It's where Mercedes View intersects with Benz Rd.

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