Two shot on Waumbeck Street in Roxbury

One was found near Harold Street, the other near Warren Street, around 7:15 p.m.



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Were they shot over space saving?

Then maybe this story would get a comment. Black kids getting shot seems to be the least commented posts on this site. I appreciate Gaffin bringing these stories to his page for the content, but the Uhub audience seems to just not give a fuck unless they’re first world problems like bike lanes and space savers.

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I agree. I’m a cop in the

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I agree. I’m a cop in the city and the ripples that these homicides have within the department echo in a way that civilians will never know. The non-stop broadcasts on our radios, the barrage of intelligence emails, the work and forced overtime that will have to happen, and most of all, the fear of retaliatory violence to follow will hover over this department for quite a while.

Yesterday was a bad, bad day. I have been doing this job for a decade now and you never really get used to seeing this kind of violence. But all people want to seem to talk about is space savers, Amazon and bike lanes. It feels like we are completely alone out here.

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Thank you for exposing the

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Thank you for exposing the truth! Why doesn't Amazon pay up for more programs for Boston's inner city / low income youth from broken homes so that they can grow to be productive, educated, strong MEN !! Didn't I read somewhere it's looking for one million square feet of space in Boston? Why don't the bike lane people become Big Sisters and Big Brothers? I was one when I was in my 20s and it was the most rewarding experience. Now that I have a lot of free time again, I'm thinking about it again. These kids are missing love and structure in their homes due to parental drug addiction, incarceration, domestic violence, etc. What we're already doing isn't enough. These are the kids who end up in gangs, in jail, or dead. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Marty's done this, and Marty's done that, but we need more done. Churches need to be more involved than they are as well since it's the church that can really set a good example.

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That’s just it...

People here think I’m trolling, when all I’m doing is discussing the lack of attention paid to neighborhoods that don’t have Whole Foods or Taza Chocalate.

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we appreciate you.

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hi. as a mom of an 11 year old here in Dorchester, we thank you everyday and we pray for you every night . i am too afraid to have my son doing youth sports around here however weve been waiting a year already for a big brother. and in august he loves camp harbor view. whenever we see a police car we say thank god for those guys... yesterday was crazy PLEASE BE SAFE

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It goes both ways

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These issues are being talked about on Black forums at length. Most of us don’t come to uhub much because the crowd here is so white and casually racist.

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