Shots fired in Roxbury; police follow blood trail for several blocks and find victim

Police responding to reports of gunfire on Holworthy Street near Harold Street around 11:45 p.m. found a car with fresh bullet holes - and a trail of blood that they followed to an apartment on Columbus Avenue near Egleston Square, where they found a person with a gunshot wound to the hand.



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We Can Do Better

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When police are finding victims of crime at the end of a bloody trail that leads to their apartments, instead of police stations and hospitals, something is wrong.

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We who?

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We who first off? How are"we"to do better? Should"we"advise a person to not walk a 3rd of a mile while shot, avoid altercations that lead to being shot, encourage cooperation? Please be more specific especially when you start tossing around non sensical pleas.

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When I Say We

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I mean every one of us. Some would avoid hospitals and police reports because they themselves are involved in committing serious crimes. Some because, while innocent, they fear retribution from dangerous criminals. Some because their experience leads them to believe police themselves want to hurt them. No one can wave a wand and change any of that. This is not a political statement. My neighborhood is caught up in this too. And those who accept that everyone in that story cannot do better than this must be wrong.

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