15-year-old arrested with loaded gun after Grove Hall B&E, police say

Boston Police report officers responding to a reporter of a breaking and entering at 97 Devon St. around 1:50 a.m. on Thursday spotted two guys - one who ran away from them and another standing next to the porch of the house next door:

Officers ordered the suspect to get on the ground, and after he complied, the suspect stated he was just trying to buy marijuana. Officers then observed a folded shirt sitting on top of a snowbank within arm’s length of the suspect. The officer noted that the shirt did not have any snow on top of it. When the officer used his foot to unfold the shirt, he observed a loaded black Beretta Model 92G Vertec inside. Officers used thermal imaging to determine that the firearm was recently placed in that location.

The guy, a 15-year-old teen from Dorchester, was then charged with being delinquent for trespassing, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm and unlawful possession of a large-capacity feeding device. The gun was loaded with 15 rounds.

Police did not name him because of his age.

Innocent, etc.



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Thank you, BPD.

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Great work.

PS- Wow. Thermal imaging is regular thing now?

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Asklng For A Friend . .

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So when a high school kid gets himself a gun - which run maybe $200-500 on the contra market - where does he get the cash from? Mowing lawns?

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Could be selling clothes,

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Could be selling clothes, sneakers, video games, drugs. Maybe went in on it with other friends?

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If you think this kid paid

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If you think this kid paid for this gun, you're crazy. If he's breaking into house, then it's stolen. I'll bet my hard earned paycheck.

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