Man shot to death on Norton Street in Dorchester

UPDATE: Victim identified as Dwayne Nelson, 27, of Haverhill.

Boston EMS Incidents reports the man was shot at Norton and Bowdoin streets shortly before 8 p.m. and declared dead at the scene.

He is Boston's seventh murder victim this year.



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What are the mayor's and

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What are the mayor's and lawmakers' plans to combat the senseless murders? Jesus it's only the beginning of February and 8 are already killed.

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What are your most glorious suggestions?

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I'm not the Mayor of this

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I'm not the Mayor of this City. I can only duck the bullets that fly through my kid's bedroom through a window. Your reply implies that City Hall has no idea how to handle it. But, if it were up to me, I'd give more funds to BPD (especially gang unit) to make our streets safer. Double up on police presence 24/7 in our most at-risk neighborhoods. Increase opportunities for teenagers in poverty stricken neighborhoods, like summer jobs. Something to keep them safe and not be afraid to go outside. Boston is turning onto a high wealth city but not as far as these kids are concerned. They are poor, angry, and ignored.

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This may have been a suicide

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This may have been a suicide FYI. I’d wait for an official police statement before classyfing something as a murder.

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Globe story says

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Globe story says confrontation between 2 groups on opposite sides of Bowdoin. (So lots of witnesses. Lots of people who right now know who the murderer is.)

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