If an angry Irish hurling fan threatens to bite your nose off, believe him

What appeared to be a friendly chat about hurling at the Black Rose, 160 State St., took a quick violent turn when one guy declared himself "the best hurler in America" and warned the other man "if you don't fucking shut up , I will bite your fucking nose off" - and then tried to do just that, police said at a Boston Licensing Board hearing this morning.

The man failed to rip the victim's nose off in the incident, around 8 p.m. on Nov. 19, but chomped down hard enough to send the victim to a local emergency room, according to testimony this morning. The victim himself, an Irish native, testified he was not sure if his attacker threatened to "bite" or "rip" his nose off, but in either case, he found himself on the floor as his wife rushed to a bouncer to summon aid.

A bar manager said bar workers were unaware the conversation had gotten gnashy until the wife alerted the bouncer. The attacker was ushered outside as bar staffers tried to convince the man to wait for an ambulance - he declined, because a friend had already volunteered to rush him to the hospital.

Police cited the bar for the assault and battery, but board member Liam Curran said he was concerned nobody at the bar called police immediately after learning about the attack. The board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take.



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Ah, yes. The Black Rose.

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Ah, yes. The Black Rose. Where liquor and stupidity meet often.

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What does his

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Country of origin have to do with the attached. Funny how you always omit that information when blogging about POC or a certain religious group.

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Go hurl somewhere

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That's what. It is an Irish sport, nearly exclusively.

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Oh, bite me

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Just not my nose, please, it's perfect as it is.

It's relevant because a) Hurling is mainly associated with one country and b) the victim is Irish, as in he's actually from Ireland, Erin, the Emerald Isle, the Auld Sod - he spoke with a brogue and everything. You know, what some people in South Boston used to call FBI.

UPDATE: Oh, my, I see in my haste to post this story, I originally left out where the victim was from. I've corrected that, so thanks, kind sir.

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I'm confused

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If the biter was "the best hurler in America," wouldn't that make him American?

Of course, being the best hurler in America is akin to being the best archer at the Perkins Institute. I mean, you might be better than the average person, but that don't make you good.

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I thought of that

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But honestly, the first thing I thought of after that was it made it sound like the guy was boasting he was the best vomiter in these here United States. That might be true, but that's really not what he was boasting of, so I added "Irish" to the headline to make it clearer I was talking about the sport, not the act of somebody who's had too much to drink.

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Learn how to use adjectives

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Hurling is Irish, m'dear. It didn't say the nose biting lad was Irish. Just his sport of choice.

Like saying English Breakfast Tea Drinker ... doesn't mean the tea drinker is English.

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That makes it redundant

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Irish football, yes, to distinguish it from Canadian, American, and or course Australian football, but hurling is hurling. They don't play a game called hurling in England with different rules. Would it be proper to refer to the sports of American basketball or American baseball?

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To be fair to you

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You rewrote things, before I commented.

That said, I was replying to the person who thought “Irish hurling” was a proper way to refer to the sport.

Of course, once American baseball season starts, the crowd at Fenway will be a bit different.

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