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Worker charged with setting Mattapan Flames on fire

Boston Police report arresting a man who says he worked at Flames, 663 Morton St., on charges he set the place on fire early on Dec. 15.

Byron Anthony Hewitt, 45, whose Facebook and LinkedIn pages lists him as a Jamaican native who worked as a chef at the Caribbean barbecue place, faces arraignment Tuesday in Dorchester Municipal Court on a charge of burning a building, i.e. arson, Boston Police report.

Plice say Hewitt was arrested without incident today after an investigation by both BPD detectives and Boston Fire arson investigators.

Flames has been closed since the fire.

Innocent, etc.

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the initial story of the place burning? I never recall even seeing that story. I wondered why the place was boarded up, it had been recommended to me several times as being really good. Never got to try it. Hope this doesn't sink the place.

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There are still two other Flames, one on Blue Hill Avenue (Grove Hall, I think) and one on Huntington Avenue in Brigham Circle.

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