Man shot to death in South Boston

UPDATE: Boston Police identify the victim as Clevan Richards Jr., 22, of Randolph.

Boston Police report a man in his 20s was shot at 1 Costello Circle around 11:45 p.m. on Thursday. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. WCVB reports he was shot in the head.

This is Boston's 13th murder this year.



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Warm Weather

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Not even summer yet and we're on pace for another year of of more murders than the last.

What's Marty's / the city leaders plans to reverse this troubling trend? What was different 2005-2010 when murders were decreasing and the trend lines were going down?

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Not too sure

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Crime (especially when it's not involving innocent people) is on the top of Marty's agenda. Boston is a major city, so crime is inevitable, but for its size Boston's violent crime rate is extremely low. You have to remember that pre 2000, Boston was looking at well over 100 murders a year.

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My property taxes and volunteering.

Also, what is a representative democracy? Are you advocating that the mayor's and city council office is needless and should be done away with?

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So do you want a cupcake or a gold star?

People change things not politicians. Politicians pass laws and make speeches. People make change. As long as we accept extreme violence nothing will change. I pay taxes so not my problem. I elected someone to fix this. This society accepts this as normal. Not my kid, not my street, not my neighborhood, not my city, not my state...

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This is in the housing

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This is in the housing projects in Southie. Most of the other murders are confined to very specific parts of Mattapan and Dorchester.

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The Globe was weird on this one

I guess because it wasn't formally announced when they published but the phrase used (since changed) was something like 'Man dies in South Boston in violent manner' I assume they didn't even know if they person was shot or stabbed or what not which is surprising.

Seeing as this wasn't a white woman in a library, I assume this will slide out of our collective conscience like the 24 unsolved murders from last year. That's out of 57 so 42% unsolved, forgetting about older cases like that kid who was murdered in Roslindale a few years back. I know it can be very hard to solve these cases without witness cooperation but what's the point of all the mass surveillance and stuff like Shot Spotter if it's not going to, you know, solve crime?

Anyways, thoughts and prayers for the family.

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How do you know?

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I know someone who was involved in the installation of the shot spotter system, and he was very tight lipped about the locations of the installations, as were his co-workers.What information do you have about where shot spotter does and does not exist? Thanks

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Isn't as efficient as you'd think. It goes off frequently from loud noises, among fireworks / firecrackers of course.

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It still serves as a decent

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It still serves as a decent initial alert to law enforcement.

It’s real value is as supplemental evidence at trial. If you can time the shots fired with the triangulated position of a cell phone of a suspect then you’re in good shape.

Regardless, it’s a conviction tool, not a deterrent device. The kids shooting these days are too dumb to know this tech works against them.

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Deaths In southie

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They killedy cuzzo and I want Justice

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