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Police able to nab Brookline man for Brighton armed robbery because he didn't turn off victim's phone

Boston Police report arresting an 18-year-old for a knifepoint robbery on Strathmore Road last night after they pinged the victim's phone to the alleged robber's home a few blocks away in Brookline.

Police say Joscard Lucas stuck somebody up around 11 p.m. on Strathmore Road, just off Englewood, and got away with the victim's backpack, which contained his wallet, personal papers, more than $400 in cash - and his cell phone.

The victim assisted officers in “pinging” his cellphone to a residence on Warwick Road in Brookline. Officers immediately broadcast the location of the ping and the description of the suspect, and operations notified Brookline PD.

A Brookline police officer responded and advised officers that the description fits that of a suspect who is known to them. ... As officers approached the residence, one of the officers on the perimeter advised that she observed property being thrown out a window onto a roof. Further investigation revealed that the property was in fact the victim’s property and the knife used in the crime, and Lucas had discarded them from his bedroom window.

Lucas now faces charges of armed robbery and assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

Innocent, etc.



But who carries more than $400 cash in their backpack?

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I have $600 cash in my backpack to give my landlord. You got a problem with that?

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You pay rent by the week?

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I'll let that thought finish itself.

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... would your stupidity be someone else’s problem?

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Is that stupid?

Victim blaming, much?

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things like cash and keys are best kept on your person, not in a backpack, as a matter of common sense?

There's that 'V' word again! It's everywhere!

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Explain how these are "best kept on your person".

Consider that people wear backpacks.

Too much of "common sense" is "what I was always told, but never verified with actual research", encapsulated in moralistic nonsense.

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1. Backpacks are easier to forget and leave behind than your pockets
2. Backpacks are not always on your person, meaning they can be rifled through
3. Backpacks are can be easier to pick through than pockets on a crowded bus or train

I'd love to see you write an X million dollar grant trying to "research" stuff like this, which is in fact common sense.

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The victim of this crime did nothing to cause this crime. Save your advice for people that have to listen to you. And I suggest that you give them that advice now, instead of waiting for something bad to happen, so you can chime in "I told you so"

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Women keep cash in their pocketbooks - and backpacks usu carry $1000+ worth of computer equipment. So whats with the stupidity comment?

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six or eight where everyone throws down a card for a $20-a-head check, especially when the place is slammed. Cash is also practical and appreciated at bars where I'm only getting one round. I recognize that most folks expect to be able to use payment cards even for a pack of gum, and payment systems are now designed to be as fast and convenient as possible, but still.

Regardless, $400 feels like a lot to carry around. I've never been mugged in Boston (knock wood), but I remain aware that that is a possibility in some neighborhoods I frequent. My big potential loss there is not the personal belongings or cash, but the food photos on my phone that serve as notes for my professional restaurant-critic research: I don't always offload them as often as I should.

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So then wouldn’t you just get cash from an ATM before going to a bar for one drink or to a dinner?

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I wouldn't. Especially if I get charged 3 bucks to buy a 7-buck beer.

If you are gonna get dinged, you may as well take out enough cash to last a day or two.

I don't bank at an internationally operating American corporate screw-the-little-guys kind of a bank.

They aren't deserving of even a fifty-cent fee to keep their sticky fingers keeping me in currency.

Blame the criminal!

Idiots leave their murder vehicles parked all over unattended and they get stolen.

Losers! Losers for owning pricey things that can be taken easily!

Are YOU one of these types?

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make periodic withdrawals from fee-free machines affiliated with my bank (a locally-owned one with a branch in my neighborhood), keep most of it at home. I also take advantage of cash-back debit at the supermarket, drugstore, and big-box stores.

You could also move your checking to a fee-free account; for instance, Fidelity offers unlimited ATM reimbursements if you use a cash management account there like a checking account; they're pretty similar in terms of check writing and online services like bill payment..

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... and you need to withdraw cash from an ATM that charges a fixed $3 fee, then it makes sense to withdraw the maximum amount of cash the machine will allow, which is often $400.

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Do your banking at a small, local bank, that reimburses all ATM fees up to a certain amount per month. Several local banks do this. Then you can 'pay' the $3 fee for the smallish withdrawal, knowing you'll get it back from your bank.

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I don't think this guy was Harvard bound: https://twitter.com/otf_royal

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