Man stabbed near North Station

Boston Police report a man, 36, was found stabbed outside 205 Portland St. around 7 p.m. Nearby officers - recent graduates of the BPD academy - quickly applied a tourniquet to his upper leg to keep him from bleeding out before EMTs could arrive, police say.

On April 10, a man was stabbed to death on Causeway Street.



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I thought Boston had home

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I thought Boston had home rule petition laws against carrying knives that the City Council made a big to-do about around 2000 or so "would reduce crime"?

Seems we have an epidemic of knife violence similar to London's and maybe BPD could confer with Scotland Yard for strategies to combat the infection?

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Yes ...

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It is illegal to carry a knife with a blade longer than X inches (2 1/2?) in public in Boston.

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Rich Man Poor Man

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The area around North station is divided by those who live in million dollar condos and those who live in the subway and on the streets. Evicting the homeless out of North Station when they seek shelter from the cold is not a viable solution especially when they haven't committed any crimes.

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They smoke inside the station

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They smoke inside the station at Valenti Way entrance, I've seen a guy sticking himself with dope on the floor inside the station at the Valenti Way entrance. You don't need Xfinity. Just stay inside Valenti Way entrance for a while and you'll see it all. Everyday, all day. I don't call the cops because (1) it's a good source of entertainment, and (2) I'm glad the luxury condo residents have to be slapped in the face with it when they step out their front door.

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