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Three arrested at JP double-murder scene, two on gun charges, one for allegedly trying to stop one of the other arrests

Boston Police report arresting two teenagers on gun-possession charges yesterday at 277 Centre St., where Chris Joyce and another man were shot to death the night before.

A Brockton man was also arrested, on charges he tried to keep police from arresting one of the teens, police say.

According to police, officers found Aryana Wilson, 18, of Dorchester, with a loaded .45-caliber Springfield Armory XD-S handgun. Police said they were led to Wilson as part of an investigation, but did not specify if it was related to the double murders. Wilson was arrested without incident, but a 17-year-old from Brockton tried to flee - only to be captured shortly after by BPD and BHA officers.

Officers also arrested Anthony Upchurch, 34, of Brockton, who had physically assaulted two of the officers and actively interfered with them as they attempted to place the juvenile male in custody.

Wilson will be arraigned on charges on unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. The 17-year-old, not named because of his age, will be arraigned on charges of being delinquent for unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and resisting arrest. Upchurch will be charged with two counts of assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

The arrests are the latest at what has long been a violence-plagued housing complex. In January, nine alleged members of the Heath Street Gang were arrested after a two-year investigation into crime at the complex, that in just ten months last year included 36 incidents of shots fired, eight non-fatal shootings, one homicide, 20 drug-related arrests and 25 robberies.

Innocent, etc.



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that in just ten months last year included 36 incidents of shots fired, eight non-fatal shootings, one homicide, 20 drug-related arrests and 25 robberies.

MA loves going on about "TOUGHEST LAWZ IN THE NATION!!!11"

And then this crap happens in a one block radius over the course of a year proving that the state isn't serious about enforcing those laws with any teeth.

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Learn how to spell.

If you noticed the City actually tried to enforce the law at this cesspit the other day and members of the community attacked the police.

Your comment is for the most part is silly and has enough grammar mistakes that makes me think you may have been lovingly looking at your GOAL newsletter whilst typing it.

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But all I see is one likely satirical misspelling of "laws", and one omitted comma.

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What's "GOAL"?

My problem is judges and DA's which can't be bothered going to trial and handing out plea bargains or probation like candy to dangerous people which have a track record of going right back to doing bad stuff like it's nothing to them.

This state has some downright draconian laws on the books and doesn't seem to throw any of them at dangerous people until there is a highly publicized case where public pressure compels the system to do something. Which itself is a problem as judges and DA's shouldn't be using public pressure or politics to gauge their level of effort exerted toward enforcement of the law.

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Yes I can see how that new ocean freight surcharge would cause the gangs to get all bent out of shape.

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Cesspit? Really? This is neighborhood with people. You're not better than any of them. Their dislike and anger towards law enforcement is valid. How would you like if everytime you made a call 40 officers (most of them white) who weren't from your neighborhood, didn't like you, and had no respect for you responded ? Neighborhoods like this need more community policing. Cops who walk the streets, talk to people, know the people, and most of all respect them.

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This is clearly an issue Marty needs to address. Maybe if Mayor Marty would be on location at these tragedy's like the former Mayor was regularly he could over solutions.I never recall it being this bad under Mayor Menino!!!

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You'd see Walsh shows up, as well.

Both he and Evans were at the scene yesterday talking to residents.

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Also, Marty showing up is not going to magically fix things.

Gang/drug crimes have multiple causes that need multiple solutions from all over

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must address. Same nonsense as usual. Expecting politicians to change things is a fools errand. Until people stop with the:
Not my kid.
Not my street.
Not my neighborhood.
Not my city.
Not my fill in the blank.
Nothing will change.

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John Costello,

Before you post a comment condemning or complaining about grammar, I would think, at the very least, that you should take the time to make sure that your comment was grammatically correct.

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