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Our dumb criminals: Police say armed robber returned to scene to retrieve phone she'd dropped

Boston Police report arresting a woman they say pushed an elderly woman to the floor of a South End pharmacy at knife point and took her purse Sunday night.

Police say officers didn't have to go far to arrest Mary Gallas, 37, because as they were still on scene, she returned to the CVS at 400 Tremont St. to look for her phone, which she dropped during the robbery. Officers had picked up the phone, along with the knife they say Gallas dropped right outside the store as she ran away, police say. The victim's purse, meanwhile, was recovered from the Arlington Street bridge.

Gallas was charged with armed robbery of somebody over 60 and assault and battery on a victim over 60.

Innocent, etc.


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This woman has to make better career decisions. Hopefully gets the skills while incarcerated so she can support herself with gainful employment. Cant imagine pulling knifes on the elderly in CVS pays to well. Probably suffers from untreated substance abuse.

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What good are skills for gainful employment if you're circling the drain of uncured addition? Rinse and repeat.

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I don't give a shit what's better for her and I actually hope she keeps suffering as she circles the drain. The one I DO care about is the elderly victim. SHE'S the one who needs support. I hope she'll be okay.

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