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Man stabbed to death in Newmarket Square

Victim identified as Edward Sanchez of Worcester.

Boston Police report a man in his 50s was found stabbed at 112 Southampton St. shortly after noon. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

This was Boston's 19th murder this year.

It's the second violent knife incident in Newmarket Square in recent days. On Friday, police arrested a man they say pointed a knife at officers and then tried to escape -- despite being sprayed with pepper spray - by carjacking two motorists, only to be dragged 30 to 40 feet by the second car.




Is the location of the shelter built after the bridge to the Long Island shelter was closed.

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Not taking away from this person’s tragic death, but Southampton Street, especially that part has never, ever been part of Dorchester. That address is Roxbury yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Even the bounds of the former Town of Dorchester never went further west that the creek that is buried under the parking lot of South Bay.

I’ve seem the Globe and the Aleteration Station call in Dot in the past, but Newmarket is the Bury through and through.

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Where does it say that? Here or the BPD site or elsewhere?

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Next to “neighborhood”under article - it says Dorchester

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Thanks, I didn't see that. ZIP codes can often help define neighborhoods but not always, of course (esp. when it's 02118, for example). A couple blocks south and this is South Bay which we'd probably all call Dorchester but which some radio station said was Roxbury or something and people lost their shit.

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Who really cares?

It won't bring anyone back to life or health.

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Like you said, the key thing here is somebody was murdered today.

As far as the neighborhood lines, Newmarket is one of those areas I will never figure out. South Bay is Dorchester. BMC is the South End. Roxbury is in there somewhere. At meetings of the Newmarket business-owners association, they have community-service cops from D-4, B-3 and C-11.

So, yeah, I called it "Dorchester." I can change it easily enough.

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South Hampton st extends right to South Bay shopping center which IS absolutely Dorchester. Google the address of the south bay Home Depot

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Home Depot may be in Dot, but Southampton Street is not.

As far as the whole Home Depot in Dot thing. When they first opened 20+ years ago they listed all of their stores by what town they were in, except the one at South Bay, which was listed as being in the town of "South Bay".

The good people at the Dorchester Reporter publicized this because the management at HD did not want to scare off potential customers because the store was in that hellhole of Dirty Dot, or so how outsiders perceive Dorchester, unlike those of us from here or at least grew up there knew it. They changed the store's address to Dorchester eventually, though believe it or not, Target is in Roxbury.

As far as what is where. I am a map geek. I am history geek. I have Bromley Books from the 1800's showing the bounds of Dot and Roxbury. I am a real estate guy. I know where things are, Newmarket is not Dorchester. It is Roxbury, just like Southampton Street never touches Dot.

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If you believe the BPDA, Southampton St. does touch Dorchester:


But then that map shows the dividing line between the South End and Roxbury as Mass. Ave. even though historically Northampton Street was the border. And by BPDA's map, the incident in question occurred in Southie...

You are correct, though; historically that was a swampy section of Roxbury: https://collections.leventhalmap.org/search/commonwealth:3f4632536

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South Bay used to be , take ur pick , Colonial Meat Plant, or Sear Roebuck terminal, both at the time considered to be Roxbury.

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could turn it back to a bay and get rid of all the crap that's there now.

maybe a nice park with single family homes built around the bay.

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Dude Andrew station is southie not dot tf.... As soon u pass south bay and that bridge ur on methadone mile roxbury

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