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FBI hunts man driving stolen Infiniti to rob bank branches inside Stop & Shop supermarkets

Wanted for bank robbery

A man now driving an Infiniti stolen from Herb Chambers in Allston has robbed the Citizens Bank branch inside the Everett Street Stop & Shop twice now - and has also knocked over Citizens Bank branches in Stop & Shop stores in Somerville and Revere, the FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force reports.

According to the task force, the man, who may have an accomplice, robbed the Everett Street bank branch around 3:20 p.m. on April 28 and around 5:20 p.m. on Monday. On May 5, he robbed the branch at the branch on McGrath Highway in Somerville, and on May 7, the branch on Squire Road in Revere.

The task force reports the white, 2018 Q50 sedan, stolen on May 5, has Mass. plates 5EK822

If he looks familiar, contact the task force at 857-386-2384.



"an infiniti stolen"? "a stolen infiniti".

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I realize my grasp of English isn't always the best, but I could've sworn that the entire phrase, "an Infiniti stolen from Herb Chambers in Allston" is perfectly acceptable English.

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I never knew about post postpositive adjectives...whole write-up in Wiki lol.
Doesn't mean you're wrong per se.

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Use a small 'L' instead of a capital I.


Tough crowd here. I'll have to bone up on my bilabial frickatives.

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Why would Herb Chambers have a stolen infinitI?

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You didn't capitalize "Infinity," and you didn't put your end quotes outside your punctuation marks.

Oh, and your point is entirely off-base.

Other than that--great post!

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Do you think that this guy played Road Runner on his way to every bank job?

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Not "knock over the Stop n' Shop" with the radio on.

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Reminds me of Bill Shields from WBZ.


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Hmmmm. Wasn't BZ due to announce a new round of layoffs soon? You know . . job cuts, pension cuts.

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Has a TexEx sticker on it. He is a Longhorn through and through. Really good guy in my encounters with him.

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He looks like he's wearing one of those mylar blankets that they give to runners after the marathon. How hard could it be to pick this guy out of a crowd?!

Suspect description: "He's wearing tin foil" ;)

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I thought it was part of his robot disguise....

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