Man shot in Codman Square in possible road-rage incident

PCFN reports a man was shot in the chest at Southern Avenue in Codman Square around 3:20 p.m.

WBZ reports police are looking at the shooting as a result of road rage, involving a man walking on the street shooting at somebody in a car.

At least one bullet went through a window at Jerusalem Discount Furniture on Washington Street.



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The pedestrian shot a motorist

According to the Globe, there was some incident and the pedestrian shot the motorist. I'm sure that makes some people here very happy.

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I used to live over there. Thank God not anymore! There's a crosswalk right there & sometimes drivers just try to zoom through, then some pedestrians walk extra slow while yelling at the driver that hey I'm in the crosswalk, then the driver gets mad & says get your stupid ass out the street. Then words are exchanged and someone gets hurt. And for what? Driver, slow down, people are crossing!!! Including elderly people, mother's or fathers with children. And pedestrians, if someone does try to stop & let u cross, just throw hand as a thanks & get your ass to the other side. It's really simple.

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Certainly rare. Seems to be a lot more drive-by and motorist on motorist assaults of that variety.

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I wouldn't say happy

But I'm not remotely bent about gun with competent operator as defense vs. automobile with incompetent operator. And I drive.

Of course, shooting up a storefront doesn't meet my definition of "competent operator."

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Not happy

But your comment is particularly dumb considering that two days ago someone driving decided to murder someone walking across the street in Allston in cold blood.

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Yet another homicidal pedestrian

People shoot people all the time. His fellow pedestrians are gonna be so upset. Not because he shot a person, but because he didn't kill the guy he shot. Sociopath homicidal pedestrians will continue to shoot innocent people. They will prove that homicidal pedestrians are the worst. That is why we need to improve public transit, parking and roads and gradually ban sidewalks from the city because homicidal pedestrians will never stop killing people.

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