Man shot in Dorchester

Scott Eisen reports a man was shot on Athelwold Street around 10 p.m. NBC Boston reports the homicide unit was called in because of the severity of the victm's injuries.



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I know it's early but I'm

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I know it's early but I'm just getting up for work. What number are we up to now for 2018? Please people stop the violence. Join a wellness program.

The Numbers you requested

There have been 29 Homicides committed in Boston as of 07/08/2018, of which, 24 were perpetrated by firearms. There has also been 73 non-fatal shooting victims. Total: 97.


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I have family who have never visited us and I think it's because they are afraid to come to Dorchester, even though we live in a very safe, quiet neighborhood. Every time I see a post like this I realize that's probably the only thing they ever see in the news about Dorchester. No wonder they won't come.


No, it's not this post. It's

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No, it's not this post. It's websites like Trip Advisor, etc. which only have posts from well-off and ignorant out-of-towners who fail to get to know the wonderful diverse people, places, food, etc., and neighborhood feel about Dorchester. They only place they want to go to is Faneuil Hall and the Newbury Street. I'm happy to see them all leave.


Tourists go to places that

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Tourists go to places that are geared toward tourists: Faneuil Hall, Freedom Trail, Museum of Science, Aquarium, Cheers, Public Garden which you would then walk Newbury Street on your way to Fenway. That aside, pretty sad when out of town family refuse to visit relatives in Dorchester. For what it's worth, I have relatives that live in the 'burbs south of Boston who refuse to meet us at the swan boats which they've always wanted to see because they're afraid they'll get shot... they're Fox25 (Boston25 -- same right wing news differrng name I know) and national Fox New junkies.

Wrong street

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Update the post...NBC had it wrong. Shot on Harvard and Spencer Street. Have to be careful about damaging the reps of streets in Dorchester. As the above poster report can ruin visitors, sales, etc. when it shows up online. Please fix. NBC 10 should fix too.

Facts are facts

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The fact is no one was shot on Athelwold. Whether it's close or not, they should report this right info. Just sayin'. I hate it when the news says Dorchester, which is like 1/2 the geography of Boston. Big place. Every street is different.