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Police: Gun-toting suspect arrested after running face first into a cruiser in Dorchester

Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man on gun charges in Dorchester yesterday after, they say, he began to run, pulled out a gun and then slammed right into the cruiser he failed to notice an officer had driven onto the sidewalk to block his way because he was too busy looking back at the officers chasing him.

Police say the action began shortly after 1 p.m., when gang unit officers were doing a stake out in the area of 22 Leroy St., looking for a guy they wanted on a warrant. They spotted their suspect walking down Leroy along with Gerald Vick, 25.

Officers stopped the suspect at Geneva Avenue and Topliff Street. The individual walking with the suspect immediately grabbed his waist and fled away from officers, still grabbing the right side of his waist as he ran. Through past experience and training, officers determined that the individual was securing a weapon in his waist area. As the individual approached the intersection of Geneva Avenue and Leroy Street, he pulled a black revolver firearm from his right waist side and turned half his body towards pursuing officers.

A department vehicle was approaching the intersection of Geneva Avenue and Leroy Street as the suspect removed the firearm from his waist. The officer drove the department vehicle partially onto the sidewalk at the intersection in order to block the suspect from turning the corner onto Leroy Street. This was done in order to stop his escape and prevent the suspect from being in a position where he could engage the officers with his firearm. The suspect continued to run from officers and had his head facing officers as he ran. Because of this, the suspect did not see the department vehicle blocking a direct route to Leroy Street. The suspect ran into the hood of the department vehicle and fell to the ground. As he fell to the ground the firearm fell from his right hand onto the grass near him. Officers were then able to secure the suspect and the firearm.

Officers charged Vick with unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition for the gun, which police say was a Rossi Interarms .38 Special revolver loaded with five rounds of .38 caliber ammunition.

Police add Vick was transported from District C-11 to Boston Medical Center after he complained of face and leg pain.

Innocent, etc.

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