Man charged with setting several things on fire in Dorchester - including an oil truck

Boston Police report arresting a man they say went on a bit of an arson early this morning that ended only when a resident spotted him trying to set a pile of stuff on fire in the resident's backyard and a police dog sniffed him out around the corner.

Police say Sequonie Suarez, 27, of Dorchester, started by setting an oil truck on fire outside 87 Norwell St. around 1 a.m. After firefighters doused the flaming oil truck, Suarez set a trash barrel on fire on Waterlow Street, about three blocks away from the remains of the oil truck, police say. Then, around 2:30 a.m., police report, a resident across the street from where the oil truck went up in flames looked out a rear window and spotted a guy piling stuff up against a fence and lighting it on fire.

Officers responded with a tracking dog, who they say found Suarez at Radcliffe and Vassar streets, around the corner from Norwell. He will be arraigned tomorrow in Dorchester Municipal Court on one count of arson of a motor vehicle, two counts of burning personal property and trespassing, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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So now we have to worry about

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So now we have to worry about burning to death in our own homes because someone can't seek therapy? I'm starting to despise this town

Yeah, only Boston

Because there would never be a story like this anywhere else in the US ever. Only Boston has nuts, no other city has deranged residents.




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Why don't you take your sarcasm and shove it up your ass. I've got a family that I love

So I must love nothing?

Go find me any populated area in the US in which people are not periodically arrested for what is probably a mental health disorder. If you think Boston has higher per capita than other places you probably haven't traveled further west than Newton.

Just be glad Boston has one of the best fire departments and the police got the guy before anyone got hurt.


People in poverty zones

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They love their families, too.

Go take a stroll around Lawrence or Springfield or Pittsfield or New Bedford or Manchester NH to get some local perspective.

To be fair

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Only a few cities in the US have houses that use oil heat, even in colder climates. I'd be willing to bet anything that even in batshit crazy cities in Florida, no one tries to set fire to an oil truck. A gas truck, sure, but not an oil truck.



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And the gas is more flammable than heating oil!

Boston attracts people from

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Boston attracts people from all over the country, most mentally ill people roaming the streets are not native Bostonians. Other States and Towns need to step up and care for their citizens.


Source of information?

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Please explain where you got this information about where people come from.

This is ridiculous

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Most people born in this state are born in Boston now that all the burbs are killing their hospitals.

Massachusetts exports more population than it takes in . That means exporting crazies, too. Sometimes they come back and run for Governor. That's rebound, not "everyone coming here".

Heating oil won't burn with a match

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Heating oil will not burn in a liquid state. If you were to place a lit match into a vial of heating oil, the match would be extinguished because heating oil in liquid form is well below it's flash point of 140 degrees F, the temperature at which it begins to vaporize in order to fire inside a burner.

Nice grab by Boston Police and great job by the witness. The dope of a suspect may have thought the oil truck would explode, better chance at lighting the seat cushions inside the cab and even they are flame retardant. Darwin Award.



The heating oil wouldn't ignite, but, on a hot day, vapor from the more volatile fractions might ignite (not entirely reasonable to assume that it will stay below 140F on a hot day in a tank).

Still most unlikely to blow up, but it could start a fire.


Yeah, the parent post is true

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Yeah, the parent post is true. But it's also true that neither wood nor gasoline burn--directly. It's the vapors that burn--and the heat the combustion produces vaporizes more material, and so on. But I wouldn't exactly go throwing matches around either hoping the match will go out before it ignites the vapors.