Two shot to death at Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain, third person stabbed

Woman identified as Lodimira Dos Santos, 23.

WFXT reports a man and a woman were fatally shot around 5:45 p.m. at 60 Bickford St. in the Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain.

City Councilor Matt O'Malley (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury) reports a third person was stabbed.

These are the third and fourth murders at the development this year. In May, two people were fatally shot.

2018 murders in Boston.




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Sad, my heart breaks, there is no police protection. The boston police know the area and the troublesome nature of it. The Boston police are 100% ineffective in that situation. i feel sorry for the all of the children there and all around boston who have to grow up in war zones with no resources.

tuesday troll session?

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I'll bite:

Amazing how you can take a tragedy like this and place blame on the Police. How would the Police prevent a shooting (most likely with an illegal firearm) inside an apartment?

In the same breath that you are criticizing the Police, I bet you would criticize them equally for employing proactive measures or increasing patrols (most-likely labeling it as a "Police state").

FYI - there were illegal gun arrests on Nov 1st (16-year-old), and on Nov 17th (17-year-old) in the "Mildred Hailey Apartments", the latter involved the Mother who tried to fight the Police.

So when you drop some bullshit like "the Police are 100% ineffective" you are just wrong - and ignorant. In addition to getting your facts straight, why don't you enlighten us with your solution to the problem.

Just do me a favor and also include some of my suggestions:

- Stop carrying (and using) illegal firearms.
- Take responsibility for yourself and your kids.
- Don't FIGHT the Police when they come to arrest your gun-toting criminal offspring.
- Stop senseless violence
- Illegal firearm found in public housing unit (or in possession of public housing resident) = immediate eviction


At some point WE as a

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At some point WE as a community have to stop putting all the burden on the police. Don’t get me wrong, I’m born and raised in Boston so I agree the police presence in certain problematic areas needs to be increased heavily....but at the same time, the police patrolling the streets/walkways/parking lots etc won’t stop crimes happening indoors. The members of the community heavily outnumber the police. US as a community must hold ourselves accountable too. Keep a close eye on our kids, stop letting them run the streets all hours of the night. Stop trying to be our children’s friend and be their parent first! Get these kids involved in positive extracurricular activities etc. What happened to the days of “it takes a village to raise a child”?


I'll tell you what happened to "it takes a village"

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But seriously, what happened is that in the last thirty or so years it became unacceptable for anyone other than a kid's parent or a uniformed police officer to lay a hand on a kid who's acting up. Back in the old days, a kid was acting up in public, a well-meaning neighbor would grab him by the ear and march him over to his parents with a full explanation of why. You do that today, you'll have a criminal record, even if the parent isn't a sociopath who's as screwed up as his kid.

Is that bad? Maybe out in the lily-white suburbs with McMansions and school districts that send over ninety-five percent of their graduates to earn a bachelor's degree in four years and where the worst thing that kids do is play on their neighbors' lawns (happened to me a while back, didn't mind so much, but wasn't going to do a damn thing about it even if I did because of the above), it's not so bad because the cost of making people leery of laying a hand on a kid that isn't theirs is probably a net benefit. In places where the downsides are still rare but much more consequential...who knows.


Do you get out much?

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I've lived and worked extensively in both types of communities, and am raising children in a mixed-class relationship.

It's actually pretty common in working-class communities and communities of color that any adult will look out for any child, and call their parents to report back if needed. There are norms in these communities about how you talk to adults, how you look out for younger siblings and younger neighbors, and folks will see that they're enforced. The village still very much exists. When parents hear that a teacher or another parent had to speak to their child, they're grateful to them, and if the offense was egregious enough, they also let their kid know they're in additional trouble from the parent for doing something that they had to get spoken to about by someone else.

It's white upper-class communities where parents don't allow anyone else to say a word to their child, because their child was just expressing a feeling, and they're raising their child to feel entitled to express feelings to anyone they wish, in any way they wish. It's white upper-class communities where teachers discipline a child or give them a less-than-perfect grade and they get a call from the parent objecting and explaining that their child was just being unique, rather than giving their kid additional consequences at home.


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What is a mixed-class relationship? I haven't heard that term yet.

I can guess

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Just like leftists now seem to believe that ethnicity or ancestry completely define identity and all the oppression and privileges thereto, in perpetuity, no matter what, it would follow that socio-economic class is also an identity that can be milked for all it's worth, no matter what.

So just the same way that Jews or Asians in America are perpetually marginalized and perpetual victims only by virtue of their last name or their skin color, or shape of their eyes, without regard to individual circumstances or individual agency of individual people, so too is a person of low socio-economic background forever oppressed and marginalized.

Doesn't matter if they marry up, marry down, or improve their own lot through work, or luck, or innate talent.

"Once a commoner, always a commoner," to put it succinctly.

It makes no sense that they

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It makes no sense that they do not keep a police presence there 24/7. Act like you give a shit about OUR PEOPLE

There is also a big police

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There is also a big police presence there almost all the time, but they can’t be everywhere. I think a lot of this (not all) falls on families and communities!

Want Out

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Hyde Square was seething with cops on foot and cop cars at 5:30 when I was picking up my child at the Curley School. Fortunately he had no clue, but I figured it had to be something like this.

Jamaica Plain? More like

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Jamaica Plain? More like Mission Hill, near the Jackson Square T stop. I'm sure these apartments are advertised as being "right on the Brookline line".

First ...

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Two people are dead. Let's not forget that: Two people were shot to death in an apartment building yesterday (and a third person was stabbed). Maybe let's focus on that?

But, since you bring it up, no, this is Jamaica Plain. I realize I will never fully get neighborhood lines in Boston, but sorry, this is Jamaica Plain. Yes, the complex fronts on Heath Street, north of which is Mission Hill, but, let me repeat myself: This is Jamaica Plain. And the apartments aren't advertised anywhere, except maybe on the BHA site, since they're all BHA apartments for low-income residents.


It’s also covered by BPD

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It’s also covered by BPD District E-13 which is.. wait for it.. the Jamaica Plain station.

Really?? Smh

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Ppl like you, who make irrelevant comments like this, are really annoying. Who cares what town line these apartments fall in?? And why does it matter?? I’m sorry the BHA put these buildings in your beloved JP and not 2 blocks in the opposite direction, making it clearly within the “Mission Hill” lines. All this crime in your part of town must really be killing (sorry) your property value huh?? Get a grip dude!!

It matters because

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there are still people who want to say crimes happen in black areas and white areas are safe. Which is ridiculous.

Oh I read between the lines

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Oh I read between the lines there...that’s why I mentioned property value. Ridiculous is 100% accurate.

Nobody cared much until the gentrification started, but since more than 1 demographic is being affected now (some far greater than others) everyone has something to say. I can’t stand it.