Police: Officers chase man with gun through Downtown Crossing; corner him in mall men's room

Boston Police report officers chased a gun-packing man through the streets of Downtown Crossing Monday morning before nabbing him in the men's room at the Corner Mall.

Police say officers responded to Tremont Street and Temple Place around 10:40 a.m. on a report of a man threatening somebody with a gun.

On arrival, officers observed an individual fitting the description of the suspect. Upon seeing the approaching officers, the suspect took off running.

Police say the guy was running in the way somebody with a gun but no holster would run: "With his left arm pinned to the front of his body."

The man ran down Winter Street and into the alley that leads into the Corner Mall, where the officers spotted him tossing something over a fence, a something that turned out to be a Ruger 22SR handgun. He then ran into the mall:

Officers chased the suspect into the Corner Mall Food Court where he was later apprehended while hiding in a bathroom stall on the 1st floor of the mall.

Police say Junior Louis, 20, had on him 20 small plastic bags filled with marijuana.

Louis was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number and possession of a Class D drug with intent to distribute.

Innocent, etc.



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That is a profoundly stupid place to hide if...

...you're running from the police. A young, healthy guy can outrun most Boston cops, at least for long enough to get away & ditch your jacket. Stay on the street, for goodness sake's, and maybe try to get towards Atlantic Avenue. You could sip a hot chocolate in Pret, avoiding the cameras in South Station, & keep an eye on things until it's all calmed down.

Kids, if you want a life of low-level crime, don't try to dodge the cops by hiding in a men's room, in a basement, with one exit point, in a mall that already has regular police presence & cameras.


Here, here

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All of this commotion and potential violence over a now-legal product. Get the pot shops open and let's kill the black market.


Your Wrong WT

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Yeah as long as they can build the marijuana dispensary right next door to you how about that let's see if you're still in agreement.

Recent Studies have shown that there has been a significant increase in crimes around the casinos. What exactly do you think is going to happen when they build a dispensary somewhere close to inner-city neighborhood. Keep these dispensaries out of the city. It will serve our community absolutely no benefits.

You don't get out much, Anthony

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What exactly do you think is going to happen when they build a dispensary somewhere close to inner-city neighborhood.

Been to Denver? Portland, OR? Washington State?

Been happening there for ... YEARS. Get this IN INNER CITY NEIGHBORHOODS!

Know what has happened? Not much, other than fewer kids have access and there is a lot of money for schools.

There is this thing called The Google. It can be used for this other thing called The Research.


Portland and Seattle is not Boston

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I could see dispensaries in Dorchester Roxbury Mattapan and Hyde Park and some poorer cities getting robbed or frequent robbery attempts. This city is great but crime wise and demographically it is no Portland/Seattle. That being said enough stores must open to the point where the precious undercut the black market that will take at least 5 years in this state.

thats because of the bank problem

By forcing it to be a cash only business, you create unnecessary risk. Considering that every dispensary has valuable product easily converted on the black market and cash from daily sales, it is a set up. It would be better if it were sold by electronic payment only.

There is a Marijuana

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There is a Marijuana Dispensary on Milk st ....not my mom's Filene's anymore.

Not the same thing

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To buy something at a dispensary, you need a doctor's prescription. In contrast, anybody 21 or over can just walk into a pot shop and buy some $15 THC-laced cookies, or whatever (just not in Boston, at least not yet).

Not really

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It’s the food court for downtown.

I don’t go there too often. But the last time I was there it was busy. Of course, there was also a medical emergency that involved EMTs and for some reason BPD, which began in the basement toilets.

Fair point

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Haven't frequented Downtown Crossing in many years, but when I'd go there regularly, The Corner Mall always struck me as weak and on its last legs.

Locals and teens

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Locals , mostly 16-24 year olds, keep it very busy. Notice there’s never a vacant.

The marijuana salesman

Threatening somebody with gun violence. Funny how that doesn't happen during transactions of consumer goods in literally any other sector.

Hey, government, you know how Boston is a sanctuary city *precisely* because you want to take away the use of illegal residence as a cudgel against people who aren't here legally to be used by bad actors?

The same damn corollary applies to this transaction: The salesman pulled the gun *precisely* because the customer has the leverage of ending any dispute over payment by telling the police that the other party is committing a crime. To be aware of this, and then to continue to erect barriers to marijuana sales, is an obnoxious act of cognitive dissonance.

My dad complains to me of the physical ailments associated with growing older. Hell, I can't wait to be 62, because I'll know that I've outlived a lot of really (expletive) stupid citizens.

And as for the perpetrator

Let me put on my Saul Goodman hat:

How much money did this poor sap owe you to pull the gun on him in broad daylight in a dense urban area? Now you don't have the gun anymore, stupid. And no citizen ever will. You could have saved the firearm for when you really wanted to exercise significant leverage over another person, and you wasted it on a weed sale.

I usually mock the stupid, but in this case, the stupidity, coupled with the absolutely asinine decision to show a firearm without discharging it, may well have saved a life.

escaping from the police in downtown boston

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always get underground, mbta style. i used to see kids getting chased come down and shed a layer of clothing very quickly. the cops would come stumbling down two minutes later and the black coat and red baseball cap they were looking for was long gone, or maybe just tucked under a different hoodie and going up the escalator right past them.

Easy to escape

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Bsoston is an easy place to evade police due to the crowded narrow curving streets. You can only ever see 100 feet in front of you, max. Get underground, run that concourse, hop the turn style, and buss it. Head into china town, wherever. Boston is so lightly policed you can avoid fares and hide out easily. Amazing anyone young ever gets caught on foot.

Body camera's

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When will the Boston police get body camera's?
They boast being the first police force in America, so why are they last to get modern day technology ?