Police: Man reaches for loaded gun during Roxbury traffic stop; passengers were also packing firearms

Boston Police report arresting three men, each armed with a loaded gun, following a traffic stop on Dudley Street early this morning.

Police say officers had pulled over a car on Dudley Street near Magazine Street and Blue Hill Avenue for a traffic infraction around 2:28 a.m. and learned that the driver, Timmy Hunt, 28, of Randolph, had a suspended license.

When the officers explained the situation to the operator, he became argumentative and suddenly reached down towards his feet and grabbed a handgun from the floor of the vehicle. A violent struggle then ensued as numerous officers responded to provide back up. Officers were eventually able to gain control of both the firearm and the suspect at which time he was placed in custody. The firearm was later determined to be a fully loaded .45 caliber Glock 30S handgun with a round in the chamber. Officers then removed the two passengers from the vehicle, Tamari Tubbs, 21, of Dorchester and Daquan Dooley, 29, of Quincy, who were both pat frisked and found to be in possession of loaded firearms. Officers safely recovered a loaded .357 caliber Glock 33 handgun from Tubbs and a loaded .40 caliber Springfield Armory XDM handgun from Dooley.

All three were charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and carrying a loaded firearm, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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I'm very impressed that the BPD officers were able and willing to handle this situation without shooting the driver.


im impressed

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that Tamari and Daquan sat still with loaded guns on them and didn't make any other stupid moves. it could have been a much much worse scene.


So many people flying around

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So many people flying around in cars....driving reckless on our streets. Not worth a bullet asking people to slow down....Any wonder why cops sometimes act pissed off when dealing with loudmouths. So appreciative for my parents and brothers. No pride in family.. name no respect..for anyone or thing.



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Considering that the repercussion for a drug dealer or gang banger of not carrying a gun when involved in their criminal business can be death, I am not sure what penalty you could threaten them with that would outweigh that. Prohibiting access to guns is the only answer for us all.

"Prohibiting access to guns

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"Prohibiting access to guns is the only answer for us all."
How are you going to do that? The three players in this article were all prohibited from having guns. Didn't stop them.


I'd call that a case of badly misplaced priorities. They placed the peace of mind of gun-toting visitors over the safety of residents. As a resident, I don't agree.

Was the cessation of enforcement also a tribute to visiting gunslingers?

Its not the whole world. Many

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Its not the whole world. Many other countries have rational gun laws and much less gun related crime and violence. Thank the NRA and their prostitutes known as the Republican Party.


The 2A is part of our

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Constitution, get over it.

Also, an illegal firearm has nothing to do with the NRA, but nice try.

Uh, no

Every firearm in this country has something to do with the NRA. For instance, lots of illegal firearms used to be legal. Some of them were stolen from or sold by NRA members. Does the NRA deny membership to felons?

Sick and tired of people who hide behind

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the Second Amendment when it comes to issues of gun reform. To continue to hold ownership of a device whose sole purpose is to maim and kill living beings in the same regard as freedom of speech and freedom of worship just because somebody thought it was a good idea over 200 years ago makes no sense whatsoever.


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Them and the pesky Bill of Rights.


But these guns were stolen.

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But these guns were stolen. I'm sure they didn't buy them from a registered licensed gun selling business.

Without basis

Why are you sure? It's commonplace for criminals to have an associate buy guns for them legally in licensed gun-selling businesses. It's the transfer from the associate to the end-user criminal that makes the gun illegal, but the source is still a licensed seller.

You're making claims that sound like you know a lot about these particular guns and criminals. I bet you don't.

I’m not the smartest man in

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I’m not the smartest man in the world but those cops definitely saved someone’s life that night because those guys was all armed and ready to do damage!!! They was on there way to their enemies territory

career criminals...

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Looks like Timmy, Tamari and Daquan were all in possession of illegal firearms.

Two of these scumbags are gangbangers and career criminals.

Hopefully, this translates to serious time behind bars.

Although this IS Massachusetts so one can only hope.

Great job BPD - the streets of Boston are safer tonight.

Your missing the point, we've failed our youth

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Why does this societies young feel the need to arm up ?
Where do 21 year old boys get 45's, 40cal's & 357glocks ?
Be lucky you don't have to live where these inner city secret gang turf murder games take place every night.
I'm 40+, it's been like this for me since 14.
1 car 3 guys 3 guns down lol, thousands more to go !

Ok, yes, points lost for

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Ok, yes, points lost for carrying guns in this day and age, but bonus points added for setting a good example by carpooling.