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Man shot to death in Dorchester, found outside hall where residents, officials were discussing public safety

Codman Square blocked off

Codman Square blocked off. Photo by Jarred Johnson.

Victim identified as Nervan Joshua Luc, 19.

A man was fatally shot in the head as he sat in a car on Norwell Street, near Washington Street around 7:10 p.m., according to NBC Boston.

However, PCFN reports police found his body, still in the car, about a mile away, at Talbot Avenue and Norfolk Street. This was right outside the Great Hall, where the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute and City Council President Andrea Campbell were leading "a community conversation on public safety issues" in Campbell's district.

Monica Cannon-Grant reports several gunshots on Norwell Street.

The man is Boston's 52nd murder victim in 2018.



By my count this was the 53rd murder this year.

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I don't believe the Boston Police count murders that happen on State or MBTA property in the city.

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They never do, the marches, discussions and vigils don't change the hearts and minds of scumbags.

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The people which attend those things aren't the ones killing each other. Nor are the people obeying all the laws the legislature keeps passing the ones killing each other.

Problem is getting and keeping violent people locked up. Which is far more difficult than all the hemming, hawing, press conferences, marches, vigils, toughest-in-the-nation-laws, and billboards when it comes to getting the rubber to hit the road with enforcement.

The state is all too happy to give the appearance of effort without making the real effort or investment to deal with the problem people. This is why UHub keeps having stories of criminals with lengthy criminal histories finally getting put away by the feds. The state courts simply will not take punishment of bad people seriously unless they murder a policeman or some other high profile story that won't go away quietly.

Criminals don't take the courts seriously because the courts aren't taking the criminals seriously and people are getting hurt because of it.

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So true. None of these politicians -- no matter what color their skin is -- are reaching the people brazenly doing the murdering and/or attempted murdering. The marchers, the voters, the protesters, none of those people are the ones doing the murdering and/or attempted murdering.

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.....but wouldn't enforcing the existing Bartley-Fox gun law go a long way in reducing homicides?

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Bartley-Fox was superseded by the current 18 month mandatory sentence for a first time possession of a firearm. It's enforced all the time. South Bay is full of people on this sentence.

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With Boston police on the job, homocide is a given in the sections of town that Walsh doesn't care for. It's easy as 1-2-3. Then the numb skull bpd does there half hearted investigation. With a back log of over 1000 unsolved murder in Mattapan, Dorchester & Roxbury I don't think anything will change for the better ever.

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