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Two men get into shootout in Egleston Square; one dead, the other hospitalized

Two men who got into an argument on Washington Street in Egleston Square pulled out guns and fired at each other shortly after 3:30 p.m. according to police and City Councilor Matt O'Malley.

Both were transported to local hospitals, where one was pronounced dead soon after his arrival. Police have recovered both the guns used in the shootout.

WBZ 1030 reports the fight may have started in a barbershop and then spilled into the Chauncy Liquor Mart.

A. reports:

I heard what sounded like gunfire around 3:36pm in the Egleston area (off of Washington)

O'Malley tweeted:

It’s particularly chilling as it occurred at 3:30p & the Mendel/Hernandez are close by. I’ve reached out to @BostonSchools to ensure we have supports. Also, the Egleston Sq Assoc. is having a public safety meeting on 2/4 at 6:30p at the Y & I encourage all to join me there.

This is Boston's fourth murder in 2019.


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another tragedy - sad.

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This was on my street, Beethoven St on corner of Washington, not School St

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Yes, at the liquor store.

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