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Plates, chairs flew in early morning fight at Chinatown restaurant

A fight in which an innocent bystander got smashed in the nose with a plate got New Moon Villa on Edinboro Street called before the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

According to police, a fight broke out shortly after 3 a.m. on Jan. 13 at the restaurant. When officers standing watch at the nearby Chinatown Gate arrived, the restaurant was "in total disarray," with chairs, and broken plates and bottles strewn everywhere, a BPD detective told the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

One man, who was simply trying to eat an early morning meal, had a large cut to his nose, caused when one of the fighters smashed him there with a plate.

One of the fighters was arrested at the scene, in fact, he tried to resist police efforts to keep him from going back into the restaurant to find one particular opponent, the detective said. When police told the man - who also suffered cuts - he couldn't go back inside, he vowed to stand outside until his opponent emerged.

His vigil was cut short, however, when police determined he was the guy who had smashed the poor bystander in the nose and so put him in a cruiser for a trip down to District A-1 for booking on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - the plate.

A restaurant manager said that with roughly 50 diners inside, both she and other workers were too busy to notice what had started the fight or to even recall any details from that night.

The licensing board could decide Thursday whether the restaurant could have done anything to prevent or minimize the fight and, if so, whether it deserves any sort of punishment.



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Is there a business opportunity someone is missing - maybe there should be a fight-sharing app and a place to gather so after-hours drunks can just go there and get their aggression out without screwing up the licenses of all these bars and restaurants.

Maybe Draft Kings can livestream it and we can bet on it.

C'mon folks. GROW UP!

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you've forgotten rules 1 and 2 of Fight Club.

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The app should be called Castratr.

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It is oddly fitting that a Dorchester woman is now the top brass at the BLB.

The licensing board needs to turn these hearings into a reality TV show/mockumentary series ASAP.

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Too much cold tea?

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Audrey Hepburn sings about Moon Villa in
Breakfast at Tiffanny’s

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