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Argument over restroom access at Hyde Park restaurant ends with two women smashed in the head with a glass

A woman angry that two other women had locked her out of the restroom at Rincon Caribeño late one February night started an argument that a restaurant worker broke up, but then continued the dispute outside, where she smashed them in the heads with a broken glass, a police officer told the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

Police arrived to find the three women engaged in some hair pulling, blood covering two of the women's clothes from the fresh wounds in their scalps, shortly before 1 a.m. on Feb. 16 outside the Fairmount Avenue restaurant. The woman who'd allegedly wielded the remains of the glass was arrested on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - the glass that a police detective brought in a cardboard box as evidence for today's hearing. The two bleeding women were treated for their wounds.

According to police, the attacker told them she needed to use the women's room, but found it locked, with two other women inside. After waiting awhile, she knocked on the door and, when one of the two other women opened the door, she began arguing with them about that. She told police one of them punched her in the eye, but the officer who testified today told the board he saw no evidence of the sort one would expect from a fresh punch to the eye.

A bartender at the restaurant said a bouncer quickly broke up the initial argument and escorted the women outside - the woman who just needed the restroom out one door and the women inside the restroom out the other. Both doors open onto Fairmount Avenue, where the women got into it again, more physically this time.

The licensing board decides Thursday whether Rincon Caribeño could have done anything to prevent the fight and, if so, whether it deserves any sort of sanction.


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